COVID-19: Our Response

Following a temporary closure of our building, we are now open and continuing our online sessions and delivering all our face-to-face youth provisions following social distance and safeguarding guidelines.

Our trustees and staff team have been working hard to find ways to continue supporting our young people and the wider community.

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COVID-19: Learn more about our response

Coming to a street near you

Based in the “Hut” (just off Ladbroke Grove), YAA works across North Kensington, delivering street-based, targeted group work and projects for young people. We believe in empowering young people to challenge the social economic and political marginalisation that they may face.

Our aim is to combat social exclusion by developing the knowledge, self-esteem, and confidence of young people and their communities in order for them to move from dependence to interdependence. We do this by building trusting and empathetic relationships with young people, utilising an appreciative inquiry approach that builds on young people’s strengths, rather than categorising them according to their deficits.

Over the past year, our activities have included outreach and detached street work sessions on estates, and in youth hotspots around North Kensington and targeted project work including a Grenfell Girl’s group that meets weekly at the Curve, Travellers girls and boys group work at KAA, twice-weekly football coaching at the Westway and the provision of a safe space drop-in. We work in partnership with other local providers to provide a young mum’s group, drug cessation project, and a disability project.



Youth Action Alliance supports the personal and social development (their values, beliefs, ideas and skills) of the young people living in North Kensington, enabling them to increase their resilience and skills in the present, and promote their ambitions for the future.


Over the past six months

we have worked with


Young people attended a 12 day International residential in Slovenia


People including 15 young families have accessed our Family & Health Programmes


Partner organisations


Members of the community participated in our annual festival


Young Travellers took part in the Stable Way Summer Holiday Programme


Different young people have participated in our programmes

About Us

  • Our Objectives

    Our Objectives

    1. Partnerships

    To form partnerships with likeminded organisations in order to deliver the highest quality work to our chosen user group.

    2. Community projects

    To provide projects aimed at increasing young people’s involvement in their communities and encourage their self-awareness as citizens.

    3. Challenging Activities

    To provide a programme of challenging and educational activities during the school holidays in response to the young people’s needs.

    4. Residentials

    To provide residentials, which have clear educational, aims and which improve the skills and self-esteem of individuals and increase their abilities in groups through experiential learning.

    5. Fitness

    To provide projects aimed at improving young people’s fitness and health.

    6. Economic support

    To provide activities to improve young people’s economic chances in partnership with relevant organisations.

    7. Diversionary activities

    To work with other agencies to provide diversionary activities for young people at risk of offending.

    8. Drop-In Facility

    To provide a drop-in facility, which will allow young people to socialise and explore the issues of concern to them.

    9. Happiness

    To provide a service that holds a young person’s happiness as its core reason for its existence.

  • Theory of Change


    Local context

    Kensington & Chelsea is the smallest London borough, and one of the most densely populated areas in the country. It has areas of both great affluence and of poverty: income inequality is higher here than any other borough by a considerable margin. YAA is based in the Golborne ward, North Kensington which according to the most recent Index of Multiple Deprivation, ranks amongst the top 10% of deprived areas overall with above average poverty rates, knife crime, child poverty, and receipt of out-of-work benefits (London’s Poverty Profile 2017). There has been an increase in serious youth violence over the past year, with knife crime up in K&C by 36%. The Home Office designated the Borough as an Emerging Gang Youth Violence Borough (EGYV) in 2015. K&C has the second highest percentage of Arabic speaking residents in the UK (at nearly 3%, Census 2011), 75% of secondary school students are BAME, and 51% have a first language other than English. The Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 has had a major impact on the North Kensington community - according to health service estimates more than 11,000 people are likely to be left suffering mental health problems in the wake of the fire, and it could be years before the true mental health toll will be revealed.

    Policy Context

    Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: the National Policy Framework for Children and Young People 2014–2020 (pdf). Be active and healthy, with positive physical and mental wellbeing. Achieve full potential in all areas of learning and development. Be safe and protected from harm. Have economic security and opportunity. Be connected, respected, and contributing to their world.

    What needs to be in place for change to occur?

    Co-ordinated partnerships across North Kensington, shared resources, shared expertise. Avoidance of duplication.

    Youth Action Alliance supports the personal and social development (their values, beliefs, ideas and skills) of the young people living in North Kensington, enabling them to increase their resilience and skills in the present, and promote their ambitions for the future.


    Our programmes build on:

    • Improving Health & Well-being – by connecting, being active, taking notice, learning & giving
    • Coordinated local partnerships offering a broader range of services more effectively
    • An asset-based approach which builds trusted, empathetic and positive relationships
    • Co-produced with young people
    • A Needs Led Service & Evidence Based Practice
    • Provides access to safe spaces


    • Access to safe space
    • Voluntary engagement and trusted, relationships
    • Regular activities and opportunities for social action and volunteering
    • Mentoring
    • Information & Guidance
    • Needs led support
    • Co-designed and co- produced
    • Skill development
    • Bridge & support to other services


    • Universal drop-in youth club
    • Targeted work - girls, travellers, young people with experience of YJS, young parents
    • Enterprise opportunities
    • Events
    • Sports
    • Performing Arts
    • Residentials
    • Youth Voice
    • Holiday Provision
    • International
    • Work in Schools


    Weekly (36 weeks p.a.)
    • 18 hours Enterprise Programme
    • 6 Hours Girls Work - Travellers & Curve Group
    • 6 hours Football Coaching & Training
    • 6 Hours Detached & Outreach
    • 2 Hours Dance
    • North Kensington Community & Youth Festival & associated workshops
    • 12 Day International residential
    • Travellers Summer Provision
    • Brent PLayscheme
    In Partnership
    • GAP Night
    • Bleinham Hot Cafe
    • Exhale Family Fitness
    • MOM young parents

    Intermediate Outcomes

    Knowledge & Skills
    • Self-awareness & emotional intelligence
    • Social & communication skills
    • Empathy & understanding of other people
    • Acquired knowledge, planning & problem solving
    Attitudes & Capabilities
    • Increased aspiration, confidence & agency
    • Increased independence, resilience & determination
    • Informed attitude to risk
    • More positive about people from different backgrounds
    Social Behaviours
    • Engaged in more positive activities, more often.
    • Increased willingness to take action to help others
    • Improved decision making,voice & advocacy
    • Democratic engagement
    • Needs identified early & access to support services
    • Increased social capital
    • Increased sense of belonging & community cohesion


    Future & Ambition
    • Skilled & equipped to earn and learn
    Safety & Security
    • Safe and secure in the modern world including digital
    Community & Environment
    • Active in their communities and civil society
    • Democratic engagement & their views respected
    Health & Happy Lives
    • Positive health and well-being
    • Happy and confident in their future
  • The Team

    The Team

    We have a team of nine part time experienced youth workers with a range of skills from market trading, sports, performing arts, to enterprise and street work, led by our senior manager Tania Moore.

  • The Board

    The Board

    Youth Action Alliance is managed and supported by a board of seven Trustees (who live or work locally) with extensive youth and community work expertise.

2019/2020 Projects



North Kensington Community and Youth Festival was set up in 2017 following the Grenfell Tower fire. Our aim for the festival was to: “provide a fun day for the community, to put aside the hurt and pain of the fire whilst commemorating those we have lost and celebrating those who have worked so hard to pull through”. Now in its third year we wish to shift the perception and definition of our area. Our vision is to support the children, young people, and their families living in North Kensington to create an alternative narrative. No longer defined by Grenfell but defined instead by our history of community resilience, our diversity, and our creativity.

Whilst primarily targeted towards the young people living in and around the area of the Grenfell Tower, this year we aimed to make the festival more inclusive and delivered entertainment and activities for all ages including:

  • Urban Arts -youth stage, dance, live music, talent competition and street artists
  • Family Fun -sports, inflatables, face painting, arts and crafts, and animal petting area
  • Community -relaxation and meditation zone, and specific traditional activities (such as bingo and line dancing) targeting older people
  • Sports-football and basketball tournaments, cricket and climbing wall
  • Steel pans welcomed the people onto the site, and the thoroughfare was full of information stalls and associated activities

We estimated the total number of attendees and participants on the day as approximately 1,800 of these 515 young people aged between 13 – 25 years registered for free food (90% from W10 & W11), 250 young people took part in the football and basketball competitions, 47 young people performed on the day and 18 young people volunteered helping support the delivery on the day. 


2018 Projects


    To enable young people to spend quality time in a safe intercultural environment that will be co-created by young participants. Young People will have the opportunity to discover new aspects of their own personality, increase self-awareness, explore their talents, develop creative thinking, and learn how to live with others. They will get to know the common values that people have regardless of their nationality, religious views, or other personal circumstances.


    Participants will develop new approaches using creative thinking to address the challenges that they might be facing.
    Participants will strengthen their positive traits and be introduced to the riches and cultures of other nationalities, contributing to intercultural cooperation and understanding.
    The Youth exchange will create a safe environment in which to form friendships no matter the personal circumstances of participants.
    Participants will co-create everyday life during the youth exchange and will get the opportunity to take on responsibility for the quality of livingtogether as a community (such as cooking and cleaning together). 


    “I had a wonderful time experiencing Slovenia! It was a privilege being a part of the youth exchange as I met a plethora of individuals who added to my perception of life. Most people were appreciative of the different cultures that were in that house which made it easy when starting conversations with others. Overall I enjoyed my time on the trip and would do it 100% again.” (Naselle)
    “The greatest trip of my life so far, it was the best escape from the chaos of London. The youth exchange was an amazing opportunity, met some amazing people and made some amazing friends. The best bit was meeting new people from new places that I would never have met back in London. It completelychanged my view of the word refugee – despite our differences we are all the same. Opened my mind massively ” (Sonny)

  • MEDIA 

    National Slovenian radio paid us a visited us and Julia, Warwick and Sonny provided interviews for the hour-long broadcast here (warning it is in Slovenian!)
    This an external link to the welcome video: Our London

Our London - our exchange group made this video to introduce our home to our young Slovenian counterparts. 

Contact Us

Youth Action Alliance
The Hut
202 Wornington Road
London W10 5RE

P: 020 8964 3149

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or would like to donate to our Charity.


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